An engineer or scientist may be brilliant  but have, for example limited presentation skills and/or concept-to-build abilities. Some have all these qualities. But some don't. And sometimes that's OK!... Their brilliance 'gets the job done'!

But an exemplary recruiter has multiple attributes especially needed at times when trying to  'connect' engineers and scientists with companies.

These desirable characteristics include:

Perseverance in acquiring in-depth understanding of both candidates and companies to find the best fits; Patience; Diplomacy with excellent communication skills; Knowledge of engineering & science as well as business; People networking; Feeling for others and their life circumstances;

Years of recruiting acumen; And a few others!

It has been my repeated experience that Gary Edwards of ERS Antenna has them ALL!!!

Thank you Gary!

Jack Nilsson, Inventor/Antenna Designer

Gary has been nothing short of an exemplary leader. I recommend Gary without reservations. He helped me find a great Antenna position

Rene Rodriguez - Intermec

We always had challenges finding RF Antenna Engineering candidates with the automotive experience that we are searching for, due to the niche nature of our business. And then we found ERS. Gary was our recruiter and has proven to be thorough and efficient in his searches and background / reference checks, considerably cutting down on our time spent in recruiting, which is priceless. It was a blessing to have found ERS, who has efficiently, effectively, and consistently been able to find us high quality individuals to join our team.

Stephanie DiVirgil

Human Resource Generalist

Harada Industries

"ERS and Gary's dedication and attitude towards work is very commendable. My current position is a result of hard work and knowledge of the antenna industry. They displayed true professionalism on numerous occasions while working towards a task. Gary puts on maximum efforts to achieve goals and has a vision that leads to the success of the projects he undertakes. Good work Gary!! Its been a pleasure working with you"

Sowjanya - Harada Industries

"I have worked with Executive Recruiting Service, and have known Gary for several years, and have worked with him on many assignments. Gary is an extremely dedicated and professional recruiter. He is diligent about maintaining good communication and is very open and honest with his partners and candidates. He is very personable and very easy to work with and is extremely knowledgeable about every assignment. It is always a pleasure working with Gary and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make a career change or any employer that is looking for a dedicated and professional recruitment partner to help manage their HR needs."