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RF Antenna Array Engineer

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We are hiring a mid level Antenna RF Engineer to help expand our current product line of planar arrays, phased arrays,  reflectors, horns, lenses, patch, helical, spirals, IFF and dipole antennas and related components, as well as improving existing antennae.  
Experience with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), Phased / Planar Arrays is desired.
• A strong understanding of electromagnetics, antenna theory, RF Antennas, and experienced with Ansys HFSS electromagnetic computer simulation software is required.
• Experience with Radome design and Analysis
This position is more than just a antenna design position, as you can expect to wear multiple hats in a RF project engineering capacity. Duties can vary, depending on project workload, and delivery schedules. Day to day duties may consist of antenna design, antenna testing, running production, simulations, R&D, fabrication, overseeing and identification of production issues, troubleshooting and improving on current designs.

     US Citizenship is mandatory due to the nature of the work

     A Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, or a related field and 4+ years of direct industry Antenna work experience is also required

• You will be involved in testing of developed antennas in one of our anechoic chambers
• Perform Design and analysis of new antennas and antenna systems
• You may over see production testing
• Experienced in techniques for achieving specific beamwidth, sidelobe level, and pattern shape polarized antennas and methods of polarization and gain optimization techniques
• Experience designing antenna types such as reflectors, dual reflectors, arrays, lenses, horns, patches, helicals, spirals, and dipoles
• Familiar with: Transmission of line theory, Impedance matching techniques, waveguide and coaxial components, such as connectors, impedance transformers, power dividers, phase shifters, switches, rotary joints, filters and transducers
• Experienced with Network Analyzers and Antenna Test Ranges in order to assess the performance of antennas including gain, return loss, radiation patterns, etc.
• Experience in development of RF/microwave systems
• Strong analytical skills and ability to identify problems and solutions
• Goal oriented, and a team player with good interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic
• A self-starter, motivated and able to work independently with minimum supervision with ability to plan, organize, prioritize and finish tasks
• Strong verbal, presentation and written communication skills
• You will have Involvement in upcoming proposals
• Some sales support activities, such as  (Trade Shows, customer visits, etc.)
• You will  participate in engineering design group meetings
• Develop test plans for validation
• This position requires customer interaction
• Travel is minimal, yet is required on occasion for customer visits, and business development purpose

Our modern facilities include a small Anechoic chamber and a large outdoor antenna test range.
Your work here will be rewarding, and your accomplishments well recognized.    

We are looking for this highly qualified antenna designer to be a member of our team and to assist in our continued company growth. Join our successful antenna team who has been providing high quality antennas and related products to the US Military and commercial customers around the world for over thirty years.  

We offer a competitive salary as well as a 401K Plan, health insurance, and two weeks paid vacation

Job #: 3108
Location: Boston MA USA
Salary: 100K - 125K
Position Type: Design Engineer
Employment Type: Full-Time