About ERS Antenna

ERS Antenna Is a search firm that has devoted over 20 years to the Electromagnetic engineering industry. We work with such specifics as Antenna Design, RF Componentry, Infrared, Low Observables, Radar Cross Sections (RCS), EMC/EMI, RADAR, etc.

Mission Statement

EXECUTIVE RECRUITING SERVICE and all of it’s Employees strive to provide our clients with the Best Services possible:

  • Quality Service
  • Fast Reliable Service
  • Pre-Screened Candidates
  • Background Investigations
  • Reference checks
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Recruiters
  • Honest assessment’s of your needs

You will always experience genuine support, as we work together to produce desired results. We have a long list of companies nationwide who continue to work with EXECUTIVE RECRUITING SERVICE and for whom we have achieved ultimate success.

It’s because we want to continue business with you over the long term that we aim to be Excellent Executive Recruiters, not just satisfactory ones. Our reputation is built on the professionalism, Honesty, Knowledge of the Industry, and results in presenting you with a candidates that would have been difficult to find on your own.