Why ERS Antenna

Executive Recruiting Service can provide Pre-screened and Qualified candidates in a TIMELY FASHION that are willing to Live, and work in your locale. E.R.S. has an Extensive Data Bases that maintains contact with the “hard to find” engineers. E.R.S. doesn’t have to go out and look for them…We KNOW where they are RIGHT NOW!!

E.R.S. knows who is actively looking, thinking about a change, vulnerable to an offer he/she “can’t refuse”, or held hostage by “golden claws”. Most often, the talent you want is not even aware of your search, they’re too busy to read the ads. But, they Always listen when E.R.S. calls to tell them of your opportunity.

In order to hire the Engineering Talent needed to complete your project on time and within budget, make ERS your Recruiting Partner.